Saturday, January 15, 2011

more christmas {getting our tree}...the saga!

being a bad blogger equals whoever reads this...reading a bunch of back log :) sorry.

can you believe that our christmas tree hunt resulted in one measly photo!!!
yeah i know.
but we had one crazy day! trust me! just read on & see! it's funny now...but it sure was frustrating then!
we started off leaving about noonish because we made a huge breakfast & slept in. head over to our friends house to load up the 4 wheeler & snowmobile. then start heading up the towards bridger bowl ski area. the place we cut our tree is right by there. so, we turn off the main road. our friends (cody, kara, zane, kayleeann & gracie jo...also cody's mom & boyfriend) are right behind us in their truck. buck gets the truck & trailer stuck. and i mean STUCK! so cody pulls ahead of us & hooks up to pull us out. it works. meanwhile, a truck comes down the road that had just cut their tree earlier & says that there is a guy in a large tractor digging out his logging gear up high on the road & as soon as he makes his way down he is going to bolt lock the gate shut. GREAT! well, buck & cody decide that we are here to get our tree & since he isn't forest service- he CAN'T shut the gate. so, we continue on our path, cody leading the way in his truck. people in trucks are continuing to come from the other direction, forcing buck to pull over to uncharted snow. and pulling a trailer with the 4 wheeler & snowmobile is tricky trying not to have them go off the side!! we get stuck again trying to get over for someone to pass us. and this time is worse! very close to the edge of a significant drop! i'm sweating bullets because that on MY side! buck has the girls & i get out of the truck. now remember, cody is leading us...and he continued, didn't realize we had gotten stuck. cody's mom & boyfriend were behind us so they we right behind us. here comes the big tractor...whips right by us & continues to plow the snow on the road & drop it over the big drop! kind of minding his business & NOT helping us by any means. buck continues to try & get out of his predicament. so now, boyfriend of cody's mom pulls their truck around to the front of us...meanwhile getting stuck right beside us. at one point...he was within inches of our truck. he put the truck in reverse and worked his way down the hill...still stuck & went in this huge rut...up the side of the mountain & finally out of the rut! all this comotion going on & the tractor guy finally decides to lend us a hand. then cody returns because he's realized we are not following him anymore. we get buck's truck hooked up to the tractor & the rope breaks! hook it up again & success! so buck follows him up the hill a ways because there was no place to turn around. comes back down & picks us up & we head out of there to try a new place. we go up the road & turn off to fairy lake. we get up to the trail head & park the pick-up & trailer. we didn't get stuck :) yeah! so we unload the 4 wheeler & snowmobile. the guys romp around a bit in the snow to get out their aggressions! LOL everyone loads up & starts heading up the trail. guess what...the 4 wheeler keeps getting stuck. i have to get off & he works thru the snow to get out. i get back on...the girls get back on their sleds he's pulling. this continues all the way to the end of the trail. cody's mom & boyfriend head up the mountain to pick out a tree....walking. cody & buck, after about 30 minutes, decide to take jordan & head up to just cut one down. kara's kiddos were getting quite cold & so we took all the kids (except for jordan) back down the trail to the trucks to warm up. after about 30 minutes cody, buck & jordan return towing 2 large trees. we load them up & head back for home. we stop at pizza hut for was 8:00! long day! so that is why, this, is my only picture:

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