Tuesday, January 18, 2011

on christmas eve...

another rewind posting.
christmas eve.
it was a foggy night & when we woke up everything was covered in thick frost! it was stunning!

we started off the day with buck & the girls running into town for a last minute errand (to get the columbia coat i had on my list...i found this out christmas morning). on his way home he called & said to get my coat on & camera ready. when he pulled in the driveway, i hopped in his truck & away we went.

on our way down by the river we saw two bald eagles in a tree just off the road. very easy to pick these majestic birds out when everything is just branches.


so wish i had a bigger zoom lens on days like this. or that i could of been a bit closer.

we headed down the road...
the sun started to burn off the frost causing the frost to give the effect of snow falling from the sunny sky. my hair was covered. love winter!



on our way back up the road to head back home...
we noticed more eagles in that tree.
there were now 5!
it was clearly a mother eagle & her eagletts. the other two were in a different tree & i couldn't get them all together.
it was amazing.

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