Tuesday, March 2, 2010


The Hilbig Family

Nine months ago the Hilbig family welcomed their fourth child, a healthy boy named Owen. Every family is thrilled, delighted and thankful when a baby joins their family. For the Hilbigs, the chance that Owen would not be born healthy was great. The Hilbigs had their first and second children without any major complications, but the birth of their third child, Naomi, was a different story. Naomi was born with a dangerously low platelet count, which required numerous donations of donor platelets following her birth. These donations prevented internal hemorrhaging that could have resulted in brain damage or death.


Through this experience, doctors discovered that the Hilbigs had a rare disease (called neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia) that affected their children in utero until 6 months of age and gets worse with each child. If the Hilbigs were to have any more children, it would require careful monitoring of the baby's condition as it develops and transfusing platelets before and immediately after birth. The Hilbigs only hope of avoiding hemorrhaging or death in their future children would depend on the donations of willing platelet donors. Owen was transfused with platelets twice in utero and twice a day for several days following his birth. Because of those transfusions, he is now a beautiful boy with a bright future, thanks to those who were willing to donate!

The Hilbigs have told all their friends about the wonderful people who saved their children's lives. They encourage all those who can to donate blood.

For more information, visit the American Red Cross Web site or call 1-800-GIVE LIFE (800-448-3543). Individuals unable to donate blood can still make a contribution by organizing a Red Cross blood drive or assisting as a volunteer

American Red Cross / www.redcrossblood.org / 1-800-GIVE LIFE (800-448-3543)

If you have a question about your eligibility, please call 1-866-236-3276 and ask to speak to a donor health counselor.

***schedule your donation today...mine is scheduled for next friday...let's make it a date :) and remember...this is is how my little chloe bug is doing so well & here to shine her love on all of us.

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Catherine said...

Platelets are what saved Preemie Boy's life. :)