Thursday, October 15, 2009

is it fall or winter?

i think mother nature really has her seasons mixed up! & for the record i feel utterly jipped! dupped! this past week we had an extremely canadian front come in through our neck of the woods & drop some seriously COLD temps on us along w/ some of that fluffy white stuff. this is the front moving in...
our temps dipped down in the single digits. it's too early for that! & you all know how much i love my cold weather. but, like i said, i feel jipped & the reason is because this isn't what happened all over town...Photobucket
it turned so darn cold it & frosted so hard that it just fried everything & it's all burnt to a crisp & NOT CHANGING into its beautiful fall colors. thank goodness i took this pic! this was taken out my bedroom window one night...

on sunday morning jordan was hit by a brick wall with the swine flu. we went to urgent care...$64.00 for the visit & $113 for the tamaflu! egads! but she's on her way too feeling we just have strep to get over. i guess after swine flu some kids get ear infections & strep...lucky us :)!

i decided to get out the halloween decorations...
put the ol scrappy supplies to work...frame those papers & doll them up a bit...perfect for frames & having photos to match :)
put the girls costume/photo in a frame as well from last year. got the halloween banner at hobby lobby when i was in billings (for retreat) for 1/2 it cost me a whole $1.50. it comes naked & brown just like it appears on my mantle.
more scrappy supplies at work...this is a top my movie shelf...

so what is everyone's kiddos dressing up as for halloween. i need ideas for a 12 year old, um, yeah, jordan, who wants to be a zombie, and her mommmy isn't fond of that idea much. chloe is going to be a butterfly & i already have her costume. brinley wants to be an artist...imagine that & how easy!


Lynne said...

Your decorations are soo cute! Love the frames you made!

Peyton is Sleeping Beauty - again. LOL! I broke the news to Remi that this is his last year - middle school seems like a good cut off. But I told him if he helped Colston he could go this one last year. But he is not into costumes anyway. He will probably wear his baseball jersey and pants and be a baseball player. LOL! He is only in it for the candy. Colston - who knows. I have not seen anything that strikes my fancy yet.

As far as Jordan, hummmm, I don't know. A zombie might be preferable to some of the costumes I have seen! At least she would be all covered. I can't believe some of the things I see for girls that age!

Catherine said...

These are such cute projects! I agree with Lynne about Jordan's beats the streetwalker variety.

Tani said...

Last year my youngest went as Teddy Roosevelt - tan jeans, a white shirt with a bolo tie, a little brown jacket from Target off the sale rack and my Tilly gardening hat. A pair of santa glasses and a stick on mustache from the coustume store ($5.00 total) and we had a president.

This year my oldest is going as a garden gnome. Those short sweats that stop at the knee, a turtle neck, a homemade felt vest with a felt pointy hat, and a beard from the costume store (another 5 bucks - too bad gnomes don't have mustaches). My youngest is going as a nun. I don't know where she comes up with this stuff. Right now I am trying to figure out how to make a wimple.