Sunday, June 14, 2009

3rd grade graduation, jordan's hand & chloe's daycare

remember the story of jordan's hand...joey bit her after having him for a day and a half.
the dr. put the black sharpie marker around the infected area & if the infection would of moved outside of the marked area we would of done IV antibiotics the next morning. but $130 prescription was better the next morning, just after one dose. now, she has just a little scar. & we have cats that are getting along & play with each other!

brinley had her 3rd grade graduation! can you believe we got her to wear a dress. when my mom & dad were here over memorial day weekend we went shopping & found this dress for brinley. she is so in love with it. & now, keeps asking to wear it. then they wore these shirts to cover it up, ugh! i couldn't believe that the kids didn't dress up more! it was a very big ordeal!

then after school i took her outside on the playground to take some pic's...they turned out cute but i want to do some more this summer...

this will be the first year since we moved here that i don't have a kid in the elementary will be in pre-school & then back to the elementary...i truely will miss the teachers.

and finally, this is chloe with her babysitter- Camille.
she's getting ready to move to hawaii...her DH is being moved there (he's in the marines). i will truely miss her...she was so sweet & chloe was finally at the point where she loved going there- now the time is over! summer work is pretty sporadic & i'm having the same 14 year old watch chloe as i did last summer. amie. chloe adores her. then in the fall i will have chloe in pre-school 2x/week & then just take her with me when i work for andrea. if i do cleaning however...i need to find someone for those days. i have a friend who's got a lady that's getting back into daycare/montessori & is only looking for 6 kids...need to get her #!


Lovely gd Cee said...

i was like "oh no, the kids wore a shirt over their attire". would you please tell Brinkley that she absolutely looked awesome in her dress..? love the portraits you took of her.

Catherine said...

Wonderful photos!! So many changes going on!