Saturday, June 13, 2009

ah, summer...

so far i have been enjoying the warmer weather. making the yard perfect & weedless (damn dandelions). getting the flowers & garden in. the girls riding their bikes, running in the sprinklers & trips to the River Rock pond (which conveniently is only a few minutes away). i can forsee lots of trips in our future with the temperature rising & it's a great way to wear their energy out. *note to self- if you're on antibiotics it intensifies the sun which ='s burnage! major burnage! sunscreen is never far from my hands w/ chloe the red headed fair maiden around. i literally have it EVERYWHERE! this particular trip was with our neighbors (and chloe's beloved, cody, his mom- wendy, and little sister- avary) & jordan's friend, steph. steph kept trying to dodge the camera...i told her that she'd better get used to the camera because it almost lives around my neck. she's a newer friend of jordan's.




Catherine said...

Fun summer stuff going on!

Jill said...

i cannot imagine it being warm enough at your house to swim! LOL! These photos are stunning. Love the job editing that you did. Well worth the time you spent the other day instead of cleaning! :-)