Saturday, April 11, 2009

happy easter

i took an obscene amount of photos today...we started with the 4H easter egg hunt. brinley & her 4H club hid all the eggs first then the children started to gather. chloe had never done a "public" egg hunt before...come to think of it...none of us have...myself included.
chloe found the silver egg in her age she won the fat little stuffed sheep...he's so soft & cudly! one of the mom's (brinley overheard her say it) was mad because jordan & brinley helped chloe. give me a break!

then we went to lunch @ KFC & went to old navy to pick out easter dresses.

off to the mall to visit the bunny guy...

after that we went to the shelter to pick up our new kitty...the girls have changed her shelter name from Sybil to Juliet. so now we have romeo & juliet for our cats :)


Lovely gd Cee said...

belated happy easter, you guys! this is cool- your egg hunting sounded fun- we went to our zoon eggscanvenger: we the public gpt punk'd! it was really sad- no eggs and prizes were lame:( your cat's cute- love the name: i love cats. i had Figaro but we had to give him up> he almost ate our hotdog. thanks for sharing your photos:)

Kristii said...

Love all your Easter pics and what a pretty kitty!!! Thanks for stopping over at my blog!! I am a big fan of your work and I am so very happy to find your blog!!! I'll be stopping by on occasion!! Hope you have a great day!! said...

The new font looks great!! Beautiful photography!! :)

Jenny Bessonette said...

Hi Janelle,

Thanks for stopping by Vintage Plum today! I love your Easter pics. They are wonderful! I look forward to getting to know you at VP. :-)