Friday, March 13, 2009

it's late here & i still have to clean the kitchen from supper but i wanted to post these really quick. i forgot about the photos of chloe blowing bubbles the other day...

and then i have this to share from last saturday when i went to billings...
i'm in the to becky fleck :) & thanks to lovely...she rocks!

i created these this afternoon...


and i get to go to CO next month (april 16-21) to help my sister (aspen's mom) move into their new house. so excited! i'm trying to get as many pages as my time will allow for her done so i can take them & hand deliver! also have to put her album in order!


Catherine said...

Such fun layouts and really love the photo with BF!!

Lovely gd Cee said...

we all looked pretty happy, didn't we? well, we had that clown running around in the room- she really helped us loosen up, didn't she?

you create great pages and take rockin' photos:)

stalk you,

Vintage Scrapper said...

Bubbles???? Did someone say Bubbles? I love bubbles! I carry them in my purse, never know when a bubble attack will come over me..besides it's the best thing to calm road rage! hee hee You have the most beautiful lo's!