Friday, March 7, 2008

now available...i saw one at Michael's the other day while i was there...i finally found the STrends mags...i swore mine was the only M's w/o them! :) LOL it just so happens they have them in an odd place at the front of the store on the opposite end of the can even use your 40% off coupon! & my MIL says they accept joann's coupons!!! very important info!
here is my layout featured...

another featured artist...
& i can't believe i forgot to write about this...
i guess i should give a bit of background...
when jordan was a student @ b's elementary school she asked how kids got their artwork hung up in the hallway in those fancy frames...
well...they were asked by teachers...there are a select few each year & they become permanent hall fixtures in the school...
she said...
i knew in my heart that it would probably happen...she does have amazing art skills & does her best work when it's not assigned...when she's free to do whatever...hopefully this is the start of her career down the road...a children's book illustrator! :)
so brinley's school had an "art walk" where the whole school had art EVERYWHERE in the was so fun...just her & i went. we walked through the entire school & saw some amazing projects. when we got to brinley's class, her teacher pulled us aside & asked if brinley's art could be framed...if that was okay...
"YOU BET!" brinley was so excited...i told her teacher just how much this meant to her & the story of her wanting something hung up in the hallway! so fun! & of course i had her teacher snap me this photo so that i could scrapbook it! it definitely deserves a layout...i have so many pocket pages in brinley's books w/ her works of art!
she also loves to write short stories...
found this one tonight in her "art binder"...

In the Jungle
by: Brinley

In the jungle there
are tigers catching their prey
and the monkeys were swinging
branch to branch
the snakes were slipping in the
trees and the ants were marching
two by two
alligators were swimming in the streams
and the bugs were flying and crawling
birds flew from tree to tree
small deer ate red flowers
and the elephants were marching
the rhinos were dancing.
the end.

jordan went w/ johnathan & his family to see spiderwick chronicles tonight...came home a bit spooked but loved the movie! buck remarked when she came home...i thought this would end sooner! ah, but this is just the beginning! LOL


Jill said...

Congrats!!! I am so very impressed.

Catherine said...

This is great! It's a beautiful piece of art!