Thursday, March 6, 2008

i received this on my doorstep monday morning :)
purchased here...the funky bag lady
i am so in it's funky print & style...very meticulous sewing...great workmanship!

i have been so sick this week with a sinus infection! my head on monday & tuesday felt like it was going to explode it was so tight...i couldn't do anything to make it better. went to the dr & he gave me some antibiotics. chloe has the same thing...but we caught hers early in the game...brinley is starting to have a sore throat now. so hope she doesn't get this & kicks it quick. she's actually been well all through fall & different compared to last year!

as many of you know my sister, Misty, & her daughter, Aspen, were coming to visit next week for spring break. friday that all fell apart. she started having her "seizures" again...they are not technically- but her eyes roll back in her head & she blacks out. this happened when she was much smaller, again @ christmas this year & then now...for 6 days straight. the dr's have ran every kind of test imaginable & can't figure out anything. please keep her in your prayers & if you know of anyone w/ the same situation could you please email me privately. she's going to a bunch of specialists to see if in her results of tests performed thus far anyone sees something different. all they know is that she has a very high yeast level in her body.

so now looks like a week of scrapbooking for me...hopefully the weather is nice so the girls can get outside & get some fresh air.

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Catherine said...

Very cute bag....I'm sorry your sister's visit fell through. I hope they find out what's going on!