Thursday, February 21, 2008

lunar eclipse...

i can't believe i got it...took about 20 different shots but i got this one really great shot!

chloe has learned to ride her for outside adventures...she loves when the weather cooperates :) she is definitely an outdoors type of girl!

romeo is settling in nicely w/ us! he's such a sweet kitten. he follows me everywhere & plays w/ the girls constantly. something they've never had- with jake (he liked being alone & left to be). romeo though...he's such a hoot...sleeps w/ jordan each night...still haven't seen him make the leap up to her top bunk- but he does. he loves when i'm on the computer. i have to put the keyboard on my lap & then he chases everything on the screen...makes it hard to surf anything...he finally settles down & lays in front of my screen. so funny!

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Catherine said...

What a cool shot of the eclipse and love the photo of your new kitty!