Saturday, October 27, 2007

forgot about this layout & tag your it!

hi there...
forgot to post this layout before & saw it on my computer in my pictures file...
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my friend jessica has tagged me to answer a few questions...the only part of this that i'm not going to do is tag more people...the girls at scrapaddict are the only gals i know with blogs, so here are my 7 "quirky" facts:

1. i can NOT have my hair over my ears in any way...has to be tucked behind.

2. i have a "phobia" of having hair on/in things...sends my stomache into knots...i pick any hair off my PJ's before i go to bed each night...wash hair away out of shower before i get's nuts!

3. i am a numbers gal...always comparing & thinking of them in a repetitive type of way. examples:
*i never miss looking at the clock when it's 11:11
*my birthday is 7-4-74 which adds up to 11:11
*i even completed my last blood donation in 11 minutes 11 seconds
*buck's, jordan & my birthdays are all on days of the month w/ 4's (7/4, 8/14 & 5/24)
*chloe's bday is 1-3-5 (all the starting #'s in odd counting)
*brinley's bday is 9-19-99 & she was born at 4:44...i at 2:22

4. i used to pre-plan what i was going to wear in highschool for the week so i wouldn't wear the same thing ever in a two week period.

5. every monday i do my grocery shopping...i plan out my menu for the week (writing it on my kitchen chalk board) & put everything i need to make the meals in the order of how i walk through the store aisles.

6. i love to organize, organize, organize, over & over!

7. i love the way fresh untouched, stacked tight paper looks & smells...Barnes & Noble...yummy!

what are your quirks?


Carolyn F said...

Cool list!

Catherine said...

Great info here! And we are glad to have you on the team!

Melanie said...

That's kinda cool (and also somewhat scary *wink* about the numbers. Great list!