Monday, August 27, 2007

well, it's been a week now since my sister was here with my niece aspen & while my house is certainly cleaner- i miss them terribly. i've never seen a child tornado like her :) she's too funny. i must admit it's the sweetest thing for her to love me so much- she goes around calling my name, "nell", & making sure i'm watching her after she says it. too cute! she even cried while saying our goodbye's at the airport...she wanted to come w/ me...i reassured her that i don't have all the right "equipment" for her to stay quite yet. then my sister called on her way home & aspen started crying again when she heard my voice- she started calling out my name again. i just hope that she doesn't "forget" me- she is only 13 months!
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so misty- when is your next visit? :) miss you tons!


Jill said...

She is a beautiful baby! I am sure you miss them both very much!!!

Catherine said...

Oh, she's so gorgeous!!

liz barton said...

Janelle, this is the very first blog I have ever seen. I still don't really understand what they are but I loved reading your updates and seeing the pictures you have shared. I am so happy to hear from you, liz b