Friday, August 31, 2007

i brought Jake home yesterday...all he wants to do is go outside, um- NO! not quite yet! he's still healing but looks so much better. he still has on his personalized head gear buck made for him out of cardboard- bud lite too!!! it's so funny! i just hope that he can stay away from whatever bit him! it could of been anything- even a spider the vet said & we have so many hobo spiders around here even w/ buck spraying them all the time. hobos are more poisonous than black widows!

the girls are loving school (and i'm loving that they are gone)...jordan loves soccer & is already slammed w/ homework. brinley finally figured out what "sport" she wants to do....BMX! now i just have to check on it.

the house is clean & i'm ready to scrap the weekend away- w/ an extra day on monday. buck is working late at the dealership for some "sale" i can scrap away! yeah! hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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