Friday, August 31, 2007

5 years ago this weekend...

i just remembered that 5 years ago this weekend we moved to MT! WOW how time flies...our family has lived in 3 different houses, added another family member, added Sharpie, made so many friends- all in God's country! it truely is the best place to raise a family. unbelievable! we have been back to CO so many times i can't keep count anymore! but definitely plenty! i do miss my family & friends...but happy & content that we are closer than i thought possible the day we left for CO. buck & i couldn't be more in love & have 3 little girls that we adore.

i'm scrappin away & rockin out to my current fav's:
regina specktor
fall out boy
rob thomas (esp. track #3)
the fray
snow patrol
marroon 5

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