Friday, September 16, 2011

buck's birthday float

no not a rootbeer float.
no not a parade float.
not a boat a float!

but a fly fishing float trip!
for buck's birthday...this is what he wishes for each year!
it does his heart & mind good...those rivers, that pole, those flies, that crazy red haired dog, that "larry the cable guy" shirt (not seen here today), those swim trunks & those north face sandals. he looks forward to this day or this season more than any! fly fishing season!

these are on the boulder river. we had never fly fished the boulder...but, all day we saw 2 other boats! if we would have picked the madison, gallatin, yellowstone or missouri...we would of ran into way more people! this was absolutely perfect!

i was a little hesitant getting into this "raft" type float boat. but enforced with the metal frame, it was just as sturdy as a metal or wooden boat. i sat in the front fishing chair. & i was told by buck & the guide (he's went with buck many times & is a friend) that i'd better reel them in & not lose them all! tall order for someone who has never fly fished off a boat & one that has only been fly fishing for a couple summers (and just a few times each summer).

buck caught the first one:

then it was my turn a few after:
this is the biggest fish i had ever caught on my fly rod (yes, i have my own gear). i tell ya, i probably caught 8 or so. i lost count to be honest after being told this wasn't a competition, LOL! but i do know that i need to work on landing my fish. sometimes i don't yank my pole up in the most aggressive of mannners. last summer the fly shop owner told me it's like answering the phone (the movement of keeping the fish on your pole after he's on)...but it wasn't working. but i learned have to answer that phone as if your ticked off at the person on the other end & answer, "what the he** do you want now?". LOL then i just couldn't get any bites.

we had the most amazing scenery ALL DAY!

however, this day was all about buck & his birthday wish!

he caught way more than me (again, not keeping count, lol)
oh & that is not sharpie...that is the guide's dog, olga! but man if you look quickly...definitely looks like her!

i'm super stoked that this year worked out so that i could go. in past years, something was always going on or i was in CO when he took his trip. a tradition that i was happy to be his choice :)

oh & another thing buck caught...a SUPER SEVERE sunburn! he even had sunscreen on. but if a person is on antibiotics or certain med's...the sun takes on a whole new level! OUCH!

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