Wednesday, June 22, 2011

i'm still here...

i've had a few people ask me about my blog in passing & i'm still here! :)

i do have photos to share but no time to upload them. maybe i can tackle little bits here & there in the evenings. but i make no promises at this point!

i've been working at the new airport- um, all 200,000 square feet. construction clean-up is such hard work. it's not just a rag & water! and we'll cover that 200,000 sq. feet many times before we are all done...not just the floor but the walls & ceiling spaces too! my body aches on a daily basis, i pop advil like crazy, and i'm getting in shape. the airport is suppose to be up and running at the end of august. but then again, i always hear all different kinds of what do i know.

today buck & i celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. can't believe it! here we are on our first "dance date" at our high school...MORP.
aren't we sooo dang cute! :)
we are headed out tonight to get dinner & catch a movie.

i promise i will upload some of our recent photos too here soon. ttfn!

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Lynne said...

That picture is sooo cute!! Look how young you are. And Buck looks so different! Happy Anniversary to yo both! I have been thinking of you but I know all about busy so I have not had time to call either. But I love ya!!!