Thursday, March 24, 2011

a gentle reminder...

not nearly often enough do i include myself in photos with the girls! i found these two amazing entries today while blog strolling & was served up a platter of reminders!

reminder #1
reminder #2

this is also the MAIN reason i don't really use computer journaling in my albums. i cherish handwriting. i think it's very important to include handwriting in albums/layouts for that extra sentimental value. i don't think it matters what your handwriting looks like! someone cherish's it!

my friend, syalynne, & i have a pact with each other that if something were to happen to one of us that the other would take over the scrapbooking for the kids. we both have 3 kiddos! god forbid something ever did happen to one of us...but it settles my heart, mind & soul knowing that my girls albums wouldn't stop in their tracks just because i'm gone.

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