Friday, January 1, 2010

january scrapmuse...

a peek at the main all i can say!

the specialty kits...
sweet nothings:
jan girl

space cowboy:
jan space cowboy

& this is the kit i was given to work with. i've done one layout thus far & will continue to work on more this weekend & next week. so much yummy-ness in here! when i first got this i was a bit intimidated by all the boy/blue...but i'm finding that i have more photos to go with it than i originally thought :) and you all know how girly-girl blingity-bling i am! :)


i printed the sequence of photos at home on 8.5x11 paper & just selected wallet size. decided to leave them uncut & put the whole sheet on. i just adore these photos of chloe w/ her FAVORITE UNCLE BRYAN! they were taken in may when i went to my sisters in CO to help her move. as you can tell- she didn't want him to leave!

and i have so many photos from our CO christmas but just finished editing them. fighting a cold/sinus infection today & it's got me down. so i will post those later on! here is one of my mom's tree for now-


we had such a great holiday! it was all about family time! loved it! every second! hope everyone had a spectacular & memorable holiday & i so can't believe it's 2010! and chloe's birthday is on sunday- that girl is going to be 5! wowza!


Lynne said...

I LOVE that Space Cowboy kit!! I can't wait to see what else you do with it. Fun!!

I am glad your trip was nice. I wish we had been able to get together but I figured it is just waaay to busy of a time of year. Next time.

Jen said...

happy birthday to the girlie! Your tree pic is amazing and like always, so are your layouts.

Hope 2010 finds you all well!

bec4 said...

What was that called again that you did to your photo?
I loved it!

triciapeever said...

Such a pretty, pretty tree!!! The presents are all gorgeous too! I absolutely love your layout with your Brother in law!!! AMAZING photos and again, I find your work to be so magazine-style, do you submit your work? You should!

Shannon Fichter said...

Hi Janelle - I love the Bryan's sometimes hard to do layouts on men and boys, I love it.
I'm so glad to hear that you're going to be at Sisters scrap camp this spring. I'm hoping you have another layout class (hint hint), I loved walking away with 5 layouts that. See you then.

Shannon :)

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