Sunday, September 27, 2009

pre-planning layouts...


when i go to a retreat or to sb away from home i prepare page kits. i don't know how to operate any other way. i've been doing this since i first started. i thought i would share my "plans"...

1. decide on what photos to use.
2. print photos to what size you want them to be for your page.
3. start by gathering papers to match for accents & background- narrow it down to what you are going to use.
4. gather any embellishments to match
5. this go around i didn't sketch how i want the layout to look but i usually do. i take a notebook & sketch each layout & put where every little thing goes.
6. optional: journaling on the computer & print out.

*i put all the embellishments in baggies w/ the page kit.



this will be your end result:
i've updated my old CM album boxes to these iris page boxes. they are so perfect because your pages/photos/embies for your layouts don't get all bent & nothing spills out!

i usually can get up to 100 pages done in 3 days at retreat by using this plan. which totally knocks out a huge chunk! love that! this retreat i have just under 60 pages planned...but i only have friday, saturday night & sunday for a while to work.


Felicia said...

OK If I learn nothing else at camp I want to figure out how you all come up with some many layouts in such a short period of time LOL. Thats just amazing!!


Robin said...

I agree... I usually do the same thing only I'm lucky to get 20 pages done!

Catherine said...

I just don't know how you plan that many pages. I'm too busy fretting about all the little details.

Shannon Fichter said...

Hello Janelle, we will meet at one of your classes on Saturday, I can't wait to see you in action. Lynda and Lori rave about you. I love that you plan your pages, right now, I don't have any plans and I usually sit there visiting more than scrapping, that's ok too, but I do want to get more that 10 pages done like last time. See you on Saturday... Shannon

Anonymous said...

I love the idea to pre plan for layouts! I am behind and have nothing but a mess in my craft room but was so overwhelmed I dont even go in. This was the answer to my problem, thank you!