Thursday, June 4, 2009


so proud of this girl! brinley was voted on by the teachers for the fox oil pastel & then her classmates for the horse to have them permanently hung in the hallways of her school. (she had one from last year too) she is the only student to have more than one art piece on permanent display! such an honor! i found out today while at her school for graduation that the art pieces hadn't been sent to the framers yet! total score for me because i was so under the assumption that i would have to go back next year to take a photo & even see the fox was done late in the year & i didn't see it at the art walk.



and then a close-up of the oil-pastel fox!


Lovely gd Cee said...

she's is so beautiful- please tell her that and what an artist!

im still not done reading the post before this one- but dude! what an awesome property!!!

Catherine said...

What a talent she has!!