Tuesday, October 16, 2007

no scrappin, just cleaning

i've been majorly rearranging the girls' rooms & cleaning the past few days. feels good to be productive & see awesome results. i actually can stand to go in my girls rooms w/o feeling like i was in wiz of oz tornado! :) brinley's friend, kiah, gave her & jordan her bunkbed- cute & the girls were totally up for it & so was i. i love the idea of more room for them since they share a bedroom. so saturday morning it all began...the major switcheroo....bye bye crib for chloe. so in chloe's room...she is now in brinley's "fence bed" w/ the dresser underneath- gave her old dresser to j&b...moved the big book shelf from chloe's room into the other girls & swapped for brinley's smaller one that matches the bed...put together brinley's fence bed & the bunk bed all by myself...cleaned both rooms from top to bottom in 12 hours! what a difference & they look so cute. we are going to be moving the girls' doll houses up from downstairs later this week...i can't lift them for the life of me...they are incredibly heavy! i have them emptied & waiting for manly muscle. ahem...buck & PJ. chloe wasn't too fond of going to sleep in her new big girl bed...she cried & said her bed was broken downstairs. mom...it was majorly tramatic...poor girl! she's doing so much better now & i have been telling her that i'll be right back after i go & do....blah, blah, blah...whatever i need to do. she usually falls asleep w/in 10 minutes or so on her own. she hasn't once came off her bed & out of her room....can you hear me knocking on wood right now...i'm sure i just jinxed myself! i bought a bed rail so she won't fall off the side & stuff her big blankets on the other side closest to the wall. jordan & brinley are absolutely loving their new "roomy" room. doesn't seem so cramped. i'll have to update w/ pic's!

speaking of pic's...forgot to include this one a few weeks ago...can't believe i forgot to post my own fam! shame on me!
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Carolyn F said...

Beautiful family shot!

Catherine said...

Love the family picture!!