Sunday, September 2, 2007


on there is a photo a day challenge going on right now & today's challenge was to take a photo that had the meaning "in living color"...this was the shot i got yesterday-
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she was playing w/ jordan's barbie car & was right by the window in the dining room...i don't believe that i had any special settings- it just turned out this way. love when that happens.

i think we finally have a break through w/ brinley & her "attitude". a while ago i was online looking @ the med's she takes & one of the side effects for her nebulizer steroid was extreme mood swings & upset easily. she was doing 2 treatments/ day but since she was able to keep her numbers up in the 200's we took the morning treatment away & just do one before bed. what a whirl wind of difference. no abrupt outbreaks of attitude & she doesn't get upset @ the drop of a hat anymore. so glad to have made this discovery.

my dad gave his notice @ his job...there was a pretty heated discussion & my dad quit...then thought about it for 5 hours & then returned. everyone had cooled down & my dad told his boss that he would give him his 2 weeks notice. he mentioned that he wanted to be in MT by this time next year anyways....BIG STEP! so his boss said...well why don't you just stay until then & apologized to my dad. dad is suppose to call me today so we can work on a second version of his resume. buck got GOOD word yesterday from a "client/customer" that does the same line of work & said they are mad for help up we're going to revise the resume & i'm going to take it in for him. i can't believe this is happening!! i can't even begin to express how excited i am to have my parents live CLOSE to us now. they miss out on so much of these girls' lives & now in less than a year...they'll be attending jordan's soccer games. it may even happen sooner if the timing is right. can i convince these sisters of mine? i know for a fact that Misty, Todd & Aspen will stay put- mostly i believe for the weather & his job. Brandy....maybe someday eventually. Crystal & Bryan....hopefully soon after my parents. Crystal is lots like me...can't live w/o parents! :) she & i are becoming more the same as we grow older. & one thing is certain...can't wait for her to move up here so i have a scrappin sister w/ me. :) we have so much fun together scrappin! endless laughing!

speaking of is a month away that i will be in big sky with my best friends....just the 4 of us...maybe 5 if aimee can make it. i will be in heaven...all my best drama....hands at work & no kids! i'd better get to pre-planning those pages!


Jill said...

I love that you are so close to your family. I hope all goes well and they can move sooner than they planned for you.

SOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of your hideout with friends. I wanna run away too! LOL! ENJOY YOURSELVES!!!

HowMeow said...

What the EF when did the whole thing with dad happen? I'm so out of the loop and i live a half hour away... kinda makes me sad... i wish that i could come see you guys also but i just can't miss out on work since rent and everything is freakin expensive... i'm going into Front Range tomorrow to see about classes. I have to take 3 prereq classes in order to even be considered for the Vet Tech program, and they only take 24 students per time i guess, which kinda sucks but oh well