Monday, October 31, 2011

just ask....bucket list

what are some items on your bucket list?
do you have one?
i haven't written mine down anywhere to record them...but i have a visual list.
*go on an african safari
*see the northern lights
*travel around europe
*fly in a hot air balloon
*dye my hair
*take a scrapbook cruise with girlfriends.
*have professional family photos taken by my amazing friend jaymee foster
*go on a sisters/mom trip to NYC
*run a 5K
*continue to donate blood every 56 days for the rest of my life
*go on a sled-dog trip (one day trip)
*ride on an elephant
*swim with dolphins
*have a house on the river somewhere in our valley
*flyfish in new zealand

Just Ask wants you to stay around for a good long while so you can cross epic activities and life-changing achievements off that list of yours. That’s why they’ve developed a test that could save your life—the BRACAnalysis test—by informing you about your chances of getting breast or ovarian cancer.

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jaymee said...

oh janelle! this made my night! (or week really!) We will TOTALLY get photo shoot crossed off your list!!

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