Saturday, September 18, 2010

the earring saga...

so buck & i have left it up to chloe when to get her ears pierced. we would ask & she would say no. then...she changed her mind (after a couple years have gone by).


so, i had signed chloe up for soccer. she's been dying to play! i should of been a little more careful in reading the sign-up sheet. it says NO EARRINGS or jewelry. chloe & i head to her first practice...first thing first, parent meeting. coach mentions the NO EARRINGS & asks if anyone has them. um, yup! *see proof above* so in order for her to practice i have to take them out. she's only had them for almost 2 weeks now. i figure an hour will be okay...they shouldn't close. she goes & practices, we go home. try & put her earrings back in. NO GO! omg, they are already closed in the back. she wants her earrings back in! so i wet them all down, get them thru the fronts & they stall. flip her ears over & look for the hole. and this is the part that absolutely was horrid! HORRID, just HORRID! i pushed them with all my might to get them back in. she's screaming & bawling her eyes out. more than what she did above! then we have to do the same to the 2nd ear. she tells me that she doesn't want to play soccer if she can't have her earrings. ugh! poor girl. i decide to call the head of soccer & talk to him. we chat & he refers me to the head of referees. he says that we just can't take a chance on something happening. so i get the okay to tape up her ears w/ gauze & tape during practice. but for games i have to take them out. the tape/gauze went well- no problems at all. last sunday was her first game (i still haven't downloaded the photos off my camera). what an absolute hoot! just adorable, those SPARKLING BOBCATS!!!! so i take chloe's earrings out just before she heads out onto the field & when she comes back for her first break i get the earrings out & sit her down. i figured i would just put them back in during all her breaks/half-time to keep them open. WRONG! they were already closed again. she decided to play & NOT have earrings. poor girl! so, i am leaving it up to her once again. if she wants them re-pierced (not by me this time) then we can after games end (oct 31) and do it then. she just can't play soccer until next fall. if she doesn't want them re-pierced, we will play spring soccer too. poor girl...what drama & pain!

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Fee said...

can you try and go in from the back put the earring in backwards? That should open them up. poor kid.