Friday, June 5, 2009

just thought i would spruce up the place a bit with a new banner!!! some recent shots from the past month! well over a thousand photos taken! eeek! buck keeps telling me i'm going to kill my camera. that's not a bad thing...onto the next i suppose. i can't NOT take photos...i've not got that gene! i'm not called the fotobug for nothing! i think i have only taken 5 or so today...LOL! have a wonderful weekend! i have tons more photos to post from this week...lots of school goings on! school got out today so we are celebrating with a bit of a wii tournament...races look nasty with the storm a brewing! i must heart isn't broken!


Catherine said...

The banner looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

yea......... i love it too! it's cool!!!

(lovely cutler)