Tuesday, December 16, 2008


3-1=2 that still believe in santa! many of you know the horrible story of how jordan found out...but brinley & chloe are full fleged believers! chloe is so into christmas this year & it is the FIRST year that she has requested a santa gift herself. her own idea. her own desire. she want's the baby alive potty doll. it's noggin's fault! the one reason i wish she still liked disney channel...they don't have toy commercials. every time i turn around...in between episodes or toot & puddle, backyardigans, and on & on...i hear "i want that" non-stop. but i also have to thank them because she is so sure of what she wants this year from the big guy. mission is already accomplished & under my bed :) bought refills of baby food & juice today. we have santa gifts for the other two to still purchase. & then wrapping...that's all i really have left.

the girls & have been doing a few crafts...here is one of them...pipecleaner & bead snowflakes...i love how they sparkle in the white lights of the tree...
and while we are making crafts...chloe side steps sometimes & does her own thing...here the baby giraffe was dressing up w/ the dinosaur finger puppet on his head & scaring his friends...

also got these from the family i PA for today...they are in Namibia...gorgeous photos!

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Catherine said...

Loving the photos! Ah yes, the Santa myth debunked...always hated that.