Wednesday, January 30, 2008

a bit of catch up!

have tons of photos to share from over the weekend & the past couple of days...gotta keep that photo pile ongoing ya know! :)

on sunday we went sledding up in hylite canyon with our neighbors & then a friend of buck's was there too w/ his little one...


the wind gusts were so bone chilling to the face...the girls didn't seem to mind though...
then our friend, dustin, wanted to make snow caves in this big drift of snow...he was showing the girls how to make them...they ended up being so big all 3 of the girls could fit inside- sitting up...they each had their own fun & a bit of survival skills too...speaking of which...we love this vs. wild w/ bear grylls- and he's not bad too look at either!
Photobucket even buck gave the sledding a few runs down the hill...i just watched & took photos this time.

chloe had her first dentist appointment on monday- poor kid has 3 cavities!!!!!! she has rotten teeth just like i did- only i don't think it hit me this early! by the time i was in kindergarten i had over 20! the assistant showed her the chair (how it goes up & down & lays down) & all her tools (mr. sprinkler, mr. wind & mr. softy)...which was all fine and dandy...then dr. sayre walks in...we try to get her in the chair but a no go. we start talking about my concerns w/ her teeth, meanwhile the assistant plays w/ chloe w/ a crocodile & toothbrush. chloe has a cavity between her two top front teeth...a bit of it has chipped away...not super you will see below. then she has another on one of her incisor teeth...a chip out of the top. then another on a right bottom molar! eeekkkkssss girl! so no more juice for her...water or flavored waters...milk...that's it!!! brushing those teeth like crazy & flossing! her treatment is where it gets tricky...first choice is to take her to brinley's cleaning (@ the same office) in a couple of weeks & let her observe. then schedule chloe again to get her aquainted again. see if we can get her up in the chair & long enough to sit & have dr. sayre look in her mouth. if so...then we can do "silly gas" & fill her cavities along w/ a general cleaning! if not...we will continue w/ the frequent visits & bide our time w/ her teeth & just keep a watch on them. one of the other options is to put her under general anesthesia...which i DON'T want to do!!!!!! poor thing!

i took these super cute pic's of her that afternoon right before nap...i wanted photos of her in this sweater my sister, crystal, bought for her. the colors in it are so perfect & true to chloe's "coloring"...
and one of my absolute favorites...

on friday of this week i have 2 un-veilings of projects...:)

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Catherine said...

Boy, those are some really great, fun photos!